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Corporate Services Department « PEF(M)B


Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board


Corporate Services Department

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The Department provides enterprise-wide needed support services based on specialized knowledge, best practices and technology to serve internal and external business interests.
The department’s functions are carried out through three units. This units serve to facilitate the achievement of the defined functions. The Units and functions are:

  • Customer Service Unit
  • Corporate Communications
  • Business Development Unit

Customer Services Unit

The staff bridge the gap between the organisation and her esteemed customers. They provide and deliver professional, helpful and quality assistance to Customers by listening to their complaints, fears and aspirations and resolve such accordingly. Further more,

  • Responsible for providing and processing information in relations to concerns, requests and inquiries made by customers in relations to the services provided by PEF(M)B

Corporate Communications Unit

Information is key to any organisation, as it is a tool which keeps the public aware of its existence and the function it serves to the general public.

The unit, plays a vital role in sensitizing all our stakeholders on our processes, services and future aspirations.

The Corporate Communications unit helps achieve the objective of the Corporate Services department by influencing the framework of communication of PEF with both other departments/units and the general public. It provides a clear and consistent communication pathway to it’s key stakeholders.

  • Responsible for managing the organization’s communications and relations with both internal and external public.


  1. Publications
  • Information Management
  • PEF Magazines
  • Website Content
  • Protocol
  • Travel Plans
  • Visa Procurement
  • Ticket Purchase
  • Passport Application
  • Event Management
  • Guest Reception
  • Government & Public Relations
  • Interactions between PEF and government agencies


  • Responsible for constantly developing ways to add long term value to the organization.
  • Creating New Business Development Frontiers
  • Business Development Possibilities for the Board
  • Building the Business Development frameworks
  • Create ideas that will provide long-term value for PEF(M)B and its stakeholders. Expand PMS coverage and PEF(M)B’s social responsibility
  • Create sustainable solutions to cost-consuming processes
  • Develop new relationships and partnerships while maintaining and strengthening current ones
  • Continually strengthen PEF(M)B’s internal affairs


  • Research & Development
  • Corporate Relations
  • Internal Affairs
Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board