Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board


Executive Secretary’s Office

Audit Unit

Known as the scrutinising eye of the organisation, the unit ensures that every money paid out by the Board is worth paying. In the area of marketer reimbursement of claims, the unit verifies the authenticity of such claims before they are paid.

For every procurement or services to be paid for, the unit ensures that the services have been well rendered to standard or products meet orders placed. They ensure due processes are followed in all the activities of the Board and that policies and procedures are not in any way breached.


Information Technology Unit

The IT Unit has been the front runner in the drive to digitalise the organisation’s business process. With the global evolution of digital business solutions, paperless office, 0% real time feedback mechanism, the unit has indeed been abreast with the global changes.

The introduction of Project Aquila, which is powered by the IT Unit has in no doubt made the organisation a force to reckon with in the downstream sector. Other mechanisms that are up and running includes the VSR for depot operations, Hosting and managing of SAP Business 1 solution, Hard and Software applications.


Legal Unit

The Legal Unit is responsible for providing legal services and advice to the organisation, its departments and employees.

This includes business development, contract management, consumer claims against companies for product damages and defects, litigation, employment law, sale and lease matters, debt collection, bankruptcy cases, prosecution and much more.  All these activities create the workflow of the Legal Unit.


Security and Investigation Unit

Security isn’t just about alarms, robbery procedures and filing suspicious activity reports any longer. Security has become the term that defines the evolutionary process that provides a safe and secure environment for employees to work and for customers to do business.

The unit performs the following: provide personal safety for employees and visitors, protection and security of the board’s property, crime prevention and investigation, enforce the safety and security rules of the Board, identification and control of unauthorized persons etc.

Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board