Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board


Admin and Personnel Department

Administration Unit

Procurement Unit

At PEF (M) B we adhere strictly to the Government policy on procurement processes and operations. Ensuring due processes are undergone to select contractors and that standard goods and services are purchased so as to obtain optimal performance.

Office Services Unit

Ensures optimal performance of all office infrastructure and equipment. The registry, canteen and fleet of vehicles are all under the supervision of this unit.


Human Resources Unit

Manpower Development (MPD) Unit

The power of the Board lies in her workforce, employee attitude and commitment to meeting the organisational goals and aspirations.

The MPD unit ensures that employees are well trained with the requisite skills to perform assigned tasks.

Functions of the unit are, but not limited to the following: Recruitment and Selection, Induction of new staff, Transfer and Deployment, Identification of Training Needs, Training Coordination and Evaluation, Performance Appraisal, Promotion and Staff Disengagement.

Employee Relations Services (ERS) Unit

The Employee Relations Services Unit focuses on promoting good management practices and workplace behaviors, positive working environment and relationship in compliance with Human Resource Policies and Procedures.

The Unit assists staff and departments on how to work through problems and differences to make the work environment more positive, enjoyable and less stressful.

Some of their functions include: Salary Administration, Leave Administration, Salary Advances/Staff Loans, Medical Scheme Administration, Disciplinary & Grievance Administration, Health, Safety and Environment.

Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board