Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board


Process of Interdistrict Claims


The Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board introduced the Inter-District Scheme upon realizing that some products movement to certain parts of the country did not qualify for reimbursement under the bridge scheme despite the additional transportation costs incurred by marketers who move their products across depot districts under 450 kilometers but without full bridging support.
This scheme is a cross-breed created to facilitate movement of products form one district depot to another to ensure availability of products in areas of scarcity. The level of Inter-district movements has increased so rapidly as a result of shortage in available products.




  • NTA Acknowledgement Form (endorsed by the Depot Representative)
  • Letter of request for payment of claim by the marketer
  • Appropriate PEF stamps at loading and receiving depots (signed and dated by PEF(M)B depot representative)
  • Meter Ticket
  • DPR stamps at loading and receiving depots
  • NNPC stamps at loading and receiving depots
  • Marketers Waybill
  • Form BR/RD II – where applicable
  • Product Out-Turn Report/Form (in the letter headed paper of the outlet (station) duly stamped and signed by the Station Manager), confirming that the product was discharged at that outlet.



  • NTA claims made with Bridging claims must be submitted simultaneously (the NTA claim comes with photocopy of documents that will require endorsement).
  • Unaccompanied NTA claims should be made with original documents.
  • Products must be delivered within 10 days of lifting.
  • Claims must be filed within 10 days after delivery.
  • PEF(M)B reserves the right to change any of the above at any time.
Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board