Corporate Planning Unit

Corporate Planning Unit is supervised by a Manager.

The Unit is made up of 4 key sub Units which are:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation
  3. Business Intelligence and Improvement
  4. Consultancy and Advisory Services’

Each sub Unit is manned by a process champion for effective service delivery, service compact and proper accountability of processes and activities.

Key functions of the subunits include:

  1. Preparation of corporate strategic plans (short, medium and long term strategies) in line with the Board`s Mission, Vision and Mandate.
  2. Alignment of PEF(M)B`S strategy to Federal Government of Nigeria`s Plans (MPR-9pillars, Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, Ease of doing Business, Executive Orders etc.)
  3. Interface with Departments and Units of the Board for effective and proper alignment of the Board`s activities with it`s strategy.
  4. Preparation of Monthly performance report of the Board for the Ministry of Petroleum Resources.
  1. Monitoring of all projects of the Organization
  2. Monitoring of strategy implementation and work plans
  3. Evaluation of projects and activities to support Management decision making.
  1. Review of Departments/Units performance reports in alignment with the Board`s Corporate strategy
  2. Identification of gaps if any for necessary recommendation to Management.
  3. Follow up with Departments and Units to bridge the identified gaps to ensure Ease of doing Business and effective service delivery.
  1. Provide strategic advice to Management.
  2. Provide roadmap for the Board in actualizing its mandate and programs by ensuring inter-Departmental/Unit and stakeholders synergy.