The Corporate Services Department provides organisation-wide functions that ensure compliance based on best practices, innovations, technology and specialised knowledge. The Department functions through three (3) Units, to provide optimal support and communication services both internally and externally.

The Units and functions are:

  • Customer Services Unit
  • Corporate Communications Unit
  • Business Development Unit

Customer Services Unit

This Unit bridges the gap between the organisation and its esteemed customers. They provide and deliver professional services to customers in relation to concerns, requests and inquiries with regards to services provided by PEF(M)B. The Unit ensures compliance with the Board’s regulatory requirements and guidelines on the seamless and error-free entry of stakeholders’ information into its business platform.

The sub-unit is:



“SERVICOM”, is an acronym for Service Compact with all Nigerians. It was launched on the 21st of March 2004. The SERVICOM Charter is designed to inform the general public of what services to expect, how to expect them and clear processes on how to seek redress when there is service failure i.e. when the customers’ expectations are not met.

The SERVICOM Unit provides information in clear and simple terms, on all the Board’s activities and how all its customers can access them. It also provides adequate information on redress mechanisms in the case of service failure. 

Corporate Communications Unit

The Corporate Communications Unit plays a vital role in sensitising all our stakeholders on our processes, services, mandate and any other necessary information they may need to know. The Unit helps to achieve the objective of the Corporate Services Department by providing a clear and consistent pathway for passing timely and relevant information across Departments and Units within the organisation. This includes news, memos, newsletters and magazines. They also handle communication with our external stakeholders which include the general public. 

The Corporate Communications Unit handles content for information management, PEF(M)B magazines, website content, protocol, travel plans, visa procurement, ticket purchase, passport applications, event management, guest reception and government and public relations.

The sub-units are:

  • Publications Unit
  • Protocol Unit
  • Government and Public Relations Unit

Business Development Unit

The Business Development Unit is responsible for developing techniques to add long-term value to the organisation and its stakeholders by creating ideas, researching on them and developing an execution plan. They create sustainable solutions to cost-consuming processes, develop new relationships and partnerships while maintaining and strengthening current ones and continually work to strengthen PEF(M)B’s internal operations. 

The sub-units are:    

  • Research & Development Unit
  • Corporate Relations Unit
  • Internal Affairs Unit