Downstream Automated Fuel Management Information System (DAFMIS) is a new system designed to make PEF(M)B’s operations more efficient and enable it to work better with key stakeholders in the downstream petroleum sector.

The Downstream Automated Fuel Management Information System (DAFMIS) is an industry solution project, primarily designed to deliver an end-to-end Petroleum tracking and Inventory Monitoring Solution, across the distribution value chain for the benefit of the downstream sector, industry stakeholders and the nation at large. 

The significance of the project runs across many critical areas within the downstream sector for the efficient supply and distribution of petroleum products as highlighted below:  

  • – Enhancement of end-to-end visibility in the supply and distribution of petroleum across the value chain. (i.e., from point of entry to the final destination).
  • – Real-time monitoring of petroleum product supply & distribution (volume, product type, locations) as a mitigation measure against product diversion. (GIS &Geo Fencing).
  • – Data repository hub for the downstream sector through business intelligence, projections and forecast of petroleum product supply and distribution.
  • – Process realignment and Automation in the bid to improve process integrity, transparency and eliminate human errors in the supply and distribution of Petroleum Product.
  • – Revenue Optimization through efficient and transparent process automation to eliminate losses and theft.
  • – Implementation of global Industry infrastructure system through an Operational Command and Control Centre (OCCC), for interoperability among other agencies of government.


Document Management System

Digitizing and archiving document being used across departments in PEF(M)B

Datacentre Upgrade & OCC

Upgrading IT and network infrastructure at the PEF(M)B and establishing an Operations Command and Control Centre

Integrated Management System

Implementing best practice management systems using international organisation for standardization (ISO)

Business Application

Development and Implementation of a new business application to manage operational processes e.g. claims and reconciliations.

Fuel Monitoring System

Implementation of a truck based sensor network generating near real time data.