The Department has 3 Units in the Head Office and 6 Operational Zonal offices, which control Field Operations, made up of about 103 Depot offices across the country, under the direct supervision of the General Manager (Operations). The Department is headed by a General Manager. 

Units in Operations Department

  1. Operation Services/Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  2. Reconciliation and Collection Unit
  3. Petroleum Products Supply, Distribution and Monitoring Unit (Monitoring and Tracking)

Each Unit is headed by a Manager.


Consist of six (6) Zonal Offices, Headed by Zonal Managers. The six Zonal Offices are:

  1. Lagos Zone, with 3 Zonal Cluster Managers
  2. Kaduna Zone;
  3. Gombe Zone;
  4. Port-Harcourt Zone;
  5. Enugu Zone; and
  6. Ibadan Zone;

The Zonal Managers, directly supervise and manage about 103 Depot offices, across the country. 


  1. Review/verify all loading and receiving transaction documents using the Board’s AQUILA Business solution.
  2. Recommend for further processing all transactions found to be compliant with the Board’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and approved processing checklists. 
  3. Reject/Query non-compliant transactions.
  1. Responsible for reconciling and collecting all statutory allowances due the Board from all Marketers and NNPC/PPMC
  2. Review and analyse white products (PMS) import data received from DPR, PPPRA, and NNPC retail Marketers for NTA &Bridging.
  3. Issuance of reconciled certificates
  4. Review of reconciled bank statements with PPPRA batches
  5. Issuance of Demand Notices
    1. Monitors all transactions on the Boards, business platform (Aquila) 
    2. Monitors and resolve transactions with issues based on the Boards, based on the Board’s business processes
    3. Conduct periodic business intelligence analysis on all transactions on the Board’s platform (Aquila)
    4. Co-ordinate and manage projects for Operations Department that are geared towards improving business efficiency 
    5. Continuous and periodic review of Operational activities and recommendations for areas requiring improvement.